Ann Coulter had a great idea: "I do, of course, blame Congress most of all. They are swine. They only care about their own careers. Who knows how much of it is corruption and how much of it is pure stupidity? People should start sending Paul Ryan bricks to indicate how much we want the wall."

So, I got a brick. Wrote a simple four-letter message on one side of it

Build the fucking wall

and who I am on the other side


wrapped it and addressed it

1233 Longworth H.O.B.

and took it to the post office

mailing my brick.

If he started getting a few bricks in the mail every day, perhaps Paul Ryan wouldn't have such a hard time remembering Americans voted for a wall.

So, that's all there is to it if you want to send Paul Ryan a brick.

If you want me to mail a brick for you, just pay $20 and I will mail your brick with your name and city for you. And I will put half of it in a fund to put up billboards like so:

hey paul ryan

BRICK IS FROM (20 chars max)
LOCATED IN (20 chars max)


If you provide me with your email address, I'll send you your brick pic. I won't sell your email address to anyone (or give it, or share it, or loan it).