Where to spot pit vipers while visiting DC

There it is, kids. The Washington Post building! This is where they decide who we'll choose to serve them.

Note the three large windows in the center of the face of the building. They look out toward the White House, five blocks away.

Actually, doesn't this building have a sort of transformery feel?

The word "historic" is an overused and diluted word. You hear it applied to almost anything: football games, the season finales of television shows, mattress warehouse sales, and, every four years, the US presidential election.

But you don't hear anyone calling this election historic, even though, for the first time in living memory, it actually is. We are witnessing with this election the historic transformation of the underlying political reality of the American people.

Central to this transformation is the nation's press. Gone are the days when Americans were proud of their "watchdogs of democracy". This election year, the American media isn't even pretending its goal is to inform their readers in a fair and honest way where the candidates stand on important issues. This year, the American media's naked goal is simply to see Donald Trump defeated in November. No matter what. No holds barred.

That changes everything.

What is it about Donald Trump that triggers such over-the-top hatred from the media? Does calling a woman fat twenty years ago really rate such venom? Is a "checkered business record" really grounds for USA Today to break with its tradition of no endorsements just so it can anti-endorse Donald Trump? Seriously?

Of course not.

The intensity of the media's hatred of Donald Trump is wildly out of proportion with the reasons given for it. That kind of intensity comes from a much deeper place, with much more at stake.

What could be at stake?

Hedge fund billionaire George Soros has worked for years through a variety of lavishly funded organizations to facilitate and expand mass third world immigration into the United States. Now we learn through the recent release of the hacked emails of one of those organizations (ignored by the media) the astonishing extent to which he has similarly masterminded the same fate for Europe through the migrant invasion of the Old World.

Why would someone do that? Outside a towering bloodlust, what possible motive could explain such a campaign?

Who knows? While our nation's press corp spends its days digging through boxes of VHS tapes looking for a video of Donald Trump calling someone fat, Soros goes about his radical, dangerous, and irreversible campaign free from even a hint of media interest.

George Soros has poured something like $25 million into the Hillary for president effort. He paid for many of those vicious commercials against Trump airing non-stop in battleground states. And while her Soros-funded ad campaigns paint Trump as "dangerous", Clinton has already committed to a more than five hundred percent increase in "refugee" inflow if she takes office. Now, a WikiLeaks email dump reveals the Clinton campaign is coordinating with Soros.

When they go to the polls on November 8, however, few voters will know about any of that. The election coverage by the national press will have consisted, instead, of news items detailing the resignation of some staffer in the Trump campaign's Florida field office and the mean things the staffer had to say about Trump.

Whatever the reason, malevolent or otherwise, behind the Soros campaign to flood the West with the third world, President Donald Trump may be the best hope to derail it. Now that could explain the unprecedented fury, the scorched earth effort by the nation's media moguls to destroy Donald Trump.

This election really is historic. That's why Pit Bulls for Trump. We have to fight.

American pit eagle