What is a pit bull for Trump?

I was living in New York City in the 1990s when a rethinking of my youthful "borders are evil" philosophy left me with deep concerns about US immigration policy. I felt that our immigration policy was insanely reckless, that even though no policy's impact went deeper, was more permanent, nor more unpredictable, no policy was less discussed.

So, with my own money, I began putting up billboards communicating to my fellow citizens facts about an important issue, such as "Immigration is doubling US population in your child's lifetime. Source: US Census Bureau."

This board went up on September 11, 2000 in the Dearborn, Michigan area.
You would have thought I was advertising a chain of drop-in puppy torturing centers. Area rabbis held a protest in front of the billboards, the borough president, Claire Shulman, held a press conference to denounce them, my congressman called my messages loathsome, NY State Assemblyman Dov Hikind railed against the "putrid stench of Nelsen's racism" in the Jewish Forward, Jon Stewart ridiculed me on Comedy Central complete with a Hitler mustache superimposed over my face, the New York Daily News did a hit piece with the worst picture of me they could get and the headline "Signs of Hate in NY", Fox5 did a dishonest gotcha piece that was so vicious they ran it two nights in a row, the New York City Council voted 43-2 to condemn my organization and, at a press conference after, linked me to a self-described neo-Nazi who had, the day before, murdered an Asian guy and some little kids at a Jewish daycare in Los Angeles. In restaurants, entire kitchen staffs would come out on the floor to look at me. I received death threats, my relatives were stalked by "news" crews, and city agencies forced billboard companies to break their contracts with me. I even lost friends.

If you haven't been through something like that, you have no idea how brutal it is. It is how we moderns burn people at the stake. My experience, however, was a massage by butterflies wearing silk compared to what Donald Trump has been enduring every single day since he announced his candidacy for the White House fifteen months ago. That he perseveres like a pit bull puts him in the class of heroic, and the price of a hero is unswerving loyalty. Like a pit bull's.

If the press is Donald Trump's enemy, then it is my enemy, too. That's what a pit bull for Trump is. Be like Donald.

By Pit Bulls for Trump's
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Craig Nelsen