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George Soros

Unread postby Craig » Thu Oct 06, 2016 3:09 pm

I was on the return flight home in August 1997 after a two year stint in China that I first became really aware of George Soros. In a magazine I had with me was a long article he wrote purporting to be a penetrating analysis of the work of philosopher, Karl Popper. His article was discussing Popper's book, The Open Society and its Enemies, which provides the name for Soros' organization and which also happens to be one of five books I consider most influential on my own thinking.

It was clear from the article that George Soros is no dummy, so I was surprised by some of the conclusions he was drawing from Poppers' work. If I remember correctly, there was a small (what, at the time I thought was a) misinterpretation of Popper's thought that had a ripple effect in the Soros article. The consequences, in fact, of this "misinterpretation" were alarming--so much so that, by the time I finished the article, I had determined to write a response when I got home.

As these things go, when I got back to New York life imposed itself and I never got around to writing the rebuttal.

I don't remember the details of the philosophical argument he made, but my memory colors his conclusions with a patina of nihilism. Now, having since engaged with one of Soros' creatures, the Appleseed network, I know that the conclusions Soros came to in the article I read on the plane were far more sinister than I realized at the time.

Soros is the enemy of our open society. It is of the utmost significance that he is Hillary Clinton's largest donor.


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